July 22, 2024

Bentley Mulsanne Speed

The Geneva Motor Show is one of the biggest auto shows in the world, so it is only fitting that just about every manufacturer – at least all the ones that matter anyway – bring their latest and greatest models to the show. You better believe Bentley is there, and this year it has debuted its refreshed Mulsanne. It didn’t bring just one model to the show, though; it brought two other models – the Mulsanne long wheelbase and the Mulsanne Speed. The latter is what I’m here to talk about today.

When you think about Bentley, it’s easy to imagine just relaxing in the back of one while some driver chauffeurs you from place to place. If that’s it what you want, you’ll be more interested in the long wheelbase Mulsanne. The Mulsanne Speed is meant to be driven, and fast, too. It’s a real driver’s car with a focus on unparalleled luxury. It’s suitable to be driven around in, but with a car like this, you’ll enjoy it a lot more if you’re the one at the helm.

If you’ve already seen the pictures of the new Mulsanne, and expected the Mulsanne Speed to host significant changes in appearance, you’re going to be disappointed. In classic Bentley style, the Mulsanne Speed does have some unique exterior styling cues, but the most important thing is what is going on in the drivetrain department. I’m covering all the details of the Mulsanne Speed right here, so sit back and click past the jump. Let’s get up close and personal with the Mulsanne Speed.

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