June 12, 2024

MC Tested: Last Chance Totally Serious HD Belt From Aerostich

Aerostich belt test


The Last Chance Totally Serious HD Belt is a great representation of the kind of stuff Aerostich sells: durable and practical, with a touch of humor. For those that want something a little less robust, there’s also the Light Duty Totally Serious Belt, made from just one layer of nylon webbing.

That’s quite a name for a belt! But if you ever perused the Aerostich catalog, you know that the folks in Duluth like to have a little fun with their products. Take the fake oil leaks they offer, or the company mascot, Mr. Happy Puppet. (He’s only $9, and doubles as a hand warmer! Read the product reviews if you’re in need of some comic relief.)

This belt, however silly its name may be, is totally serious. I’m a fan of robust, overbuilt equipment, and the Last Chance belt definitely fits the bill. It’s made from not one but two layers of 1.5” nylon webbing, sewn together for strength. The buckle is solid aluminum, anodized an attractive pale blue color. It’s a stout piece of apparel, but it’s actually quite light and flexible and breaks in nicely. I’ve worn it with riding jeans as well as casually, and it suits both purposes wonderfully. I’ve never had to use the belt for any purpose other than keeping my pants up, but I’d trust it to hoist a bike if I had to.

Five years on, my Last Chance belt is beginning to show its age. The buckle still looks great, but the webbing is beginning to fray and the Velcro has lost some of its stick. Even so, I expect another year or two of service out of the belt. Not bad for $24, and you can get it in four different sizes to suit your midsection.


PRICE: $24 ($26 in XL)
CONTACT: aerostich.com
VERDICT: Built to last, and in a pinch, it’ll support far more than your pants!

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