July 22, 2024

Honda CR-V – Driven

Honda CR-V – Driven has made millions of since its introduction in 1996, selling them all over the world. Even in hard times, the CR-V as remained one of Honda’s most go-to models in terms of sales volumes. And who could blame customers for choosing the functional, fun, fuel efficient, and frugal ? It’s combination […]

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Nissan Murano – Driven

Nissan Murano – Driven ’s third generation launched for the 2015 model year bringing a new level of and comfort to the brand’s high-volume, two-row crossover segment. Much of that refinement is thanks to the parts sharing between the and the latest generation Ample passenger room, loads of cargo space, and the familiar 3.5-liter V-6 […]

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Toyota Sienna – Driven

Toyota Sienna – Driven The segment might not be the most glamorous vehicle category, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more functional, practical, and economical ride when it comes to transporting seven of your closest friends and family. Yep, the minivan can haul people and their stuff in glorious comfort while making most look […]

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Nissan Maxima – Driven

Nissan Maxima – Driven The has been around since 1981, but never has it been so focused on performance and driver engagement. All new for 2016, the pushes the limits of what has ever done with its family sedan, making it far more appealing to those who refuse to sacrifice driving pleasure with the addition […]

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